Radler Citrus

Radler Citrus

Excel Radler Citrus Soda

Radler with citrus soda
German Lager mixed with a citrus soda made with real orange and lemon.


Introducing our starting lineup! Our brewers have worked hard perfecting these recipes using quality ingredients. They’re year round, so we suggest always keeping a six pack handy.


The right brew can define a moment, that’s why we’ve crafted our unique seasonal brews for you. whatever the weather or occasion, celebrating with Excel is the way to go!

Winter Warmer Lager

Winter Warmer
English Style Ale

El Pistolero Lager

El Pistolero
Mexican Style Amber Lager

piasa pilsner

Piasa Pilsner
Classic American Pilsner

Oktoberfest Lager

German Style Lager


A classic lager or IPA is always going to hit the spot, but getting creative with ingredients or pairing up for a special collaboration will result in a delicious outcome too. Whether brewed to mark an anniversary or paired with another local favorite, we see these beers as special, and certainly worth tasting.


That first sip of a freshly poured ale in a chilled glass with the perfect amount of head is an experience like no other. (Especially when the pale ale is a SMaSH brewed with a different hop varietal each time it’s made.) Crisp and refreshing, our draught-only beers are meant to be conusmed socially sitting around with people that you generally like.

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